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One Hour Translation OneHourTranslation.com revolutionizes translations world, offering immediate and cost effective translation services in more than 45 languages.

Peer translation is an efficient alternative to traditional translation models: By eliminating intermediate agents and allowing prospective clients to contact thousands of freelance translators directly, One Hour Translation.com is able to offer competitive low-cost and time effective translation services. The service is available in more than 45 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese), Dutch, French, Hebrew, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Indonesian, Bengali, Tamil, Malay, Greek, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and Ukrainian. The translation service is offered at a competitive price of only $0.07 per word. Translations are done by a global network of freelance translators, who are under constant supervision, with their job ranked by clients. Once a text is submitted, the translators are notified about it. This way One Hour Translation can assure that the translations are done within a very limited time frame.

The service is aimed at people who need low-cost and fast OneHourTranslation.com starting from just several words. It could be a businessman who needs to send an e-mail to a client, a company that wishes to translate it's website into several languages and even a student wants to send SMS to a foreign colleague.

"Many people refrained in the past from using translation services because they found them too costly," said Yaron Kaufman CEO of Three Innovators. "We can now offer a solution that is accessible to everyone". "With the new service, on-line publishers, businesspeople, and companies can offer their content to various audiences in different places around the world adding thus new potential customers," said Kaufman.

Lior Libman, CMO said: One Hour Translation offers an opportunity to freelance translators around the globe to get a constant flow of work and an additional source of income.